Attention Pcvs


So this is a sort of a trial run. Please browse through the UBD Library and leave comments with the comment box.

Already, there have been wonderful ideas on how to expand ths site to include author biographies, poetry interpretations, and activities (oh my!). Please use the comment page to brainstorm so we can have a great resource!

Coming Soon

One issue that has been addressed is how to cite the texts. I think we can have one page that serves as a bibliography for all our sources, to include websites and blogs. That way, we don't have include a source on every text.

These texts are mostly in the form we found them, that is, they haven't been edited. Some don't need to be edited. The texts that do need to be tweaked will be posted twice (for now). There will be a link to the original version and a separate link to an adapted or edited version. This might change.

This message will self destruct

Don't worry, this page and the comments will be removed before the site is public :)