The Dog and the Lion

The Dog and the Lion

The lion commonly known as Arimaonga and the acclaimed king of the jungle but hungry and emaciated was walking on a muddy road when he saw a dog. The dog turned pale and he would have run away if he were sure he could reach a place of safety. But there being no escape, the dog faced the lion.
“What can I do for the kind of the jungle?” the dog said trying to sound composed.
“I want you for my food. I am hungry now,” the lion roared.
The dog trembled at the lion's words but he tried to think hard. He saw a shadow reflected on a clear pool of water. Then an idea struck him. He said:
“Lion, you cannot eat me, because if you do, all the lions that the dogs have captured will all be killed.”
The lion laughed loud and long.
“Look into these prison-houses, Lion,” the dog said pointing at the clear pools of water, and you will behold the lions we dogs have captured.”
The lion followed the dog and sure enough in every pool of water he looked into, he saw a lion and a dog.
The great king of the jungle was saddened. He and his tribe were not as strong as they used to be. And he walked away.

Motifs: Weak animal shows strong his own reflection and frightens him. Tells him that this animal is threatening to kill him. Reflection in water thought to be the original of the thing reflected. Deception: mirror-reflection convinces dupe he is trickster's captive.